This means a 90 minute long educational programme, in which young people are introduced to the world of rhythm, have the opportunity to test percussion instruments from many cultures, and collaborate to create a unique musical composition.

What are percussion instruments?

Percussion instruments are musical instruments that create sounds by striking, shaking, rubbing or otherwise causing vibration. Percussion instruments include many unconventional instruments such as the human voice and body, and many imaginative creations derived from naturally occurring materials, such as dried nuts, gourds, wood, rocks, water, horses hooves, etc.

What does this musical journey develop in children?

Coordination, daring, listening skills, the ability to work in a team, a feel for rhythm, creative imagination, improvisation, and analytical thought. 

Who is Nils Īle?

Since 1990 Nils Īle has been actively playing and working with percussion techniques. During the past year Nils Īle has travelled extensively—to Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, India, Korea, Russia, and around Europe. He continues to enrich his practice of rhythmic techniques and expand his knowledge and understanding of the essence and power of rhythm by playing together with world masters. Nils Īle regularly participates in international festivals and Baltic music projects. He has collaborated with many different kinds of artists, co-creating musical performances, as well as participating in visual arts, cinema, theatre, and other types of performances.

Over the course of many years, Nils Īle has accumulated a rich and creative experience working with both school-age children and professionals teaching master classes in primary and secondary schools, summer camps, Montessori, and Orff and Yamaha music schools here in Latvia and abroad, as well as jamming, teaching technique, and creating musical instruments in his own studio.

During his career, Nils Īle has acquired an impressive collection of percussion instruments that inspires both curious children and enthusiastic adults with its diversity.

Music and creativity live in each of us, we must simply dare to discover them! 


For groups of 10 to 14 pupils, the price is 10EUR/person

For groups of 15 or more, the price is 7EUR/person

MUSICAL JOURNEYS can be booked by contacting 

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: 29149777, 29767381

location: Lāčplēša Street 106/108, Riga, LATVIA

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